This page is dedicated to informing the Congregation and any new members, of any upcoming news, announcements, and events that are important to the congregation and any new members, and will be updated weekly. Here are the announcements for the week of the 12th  of September of 2021, at the Grace United Methodist Church.


On Sunday September 12th of 2021, Due to a decline In COVID cases, the Grace United Methodist Church has decided to resume the 8:15 am Worship Service, and the 9:30 am Adult Sunday School Class.

At 9:30  am, there was a Worship Service over at the Woodcock United Methodist Church located at 23048 Gravel Run Road, Saegertown, Pennsylvania, 16433. Again because of COVID-19, Adult Sunday School has been canceled for the time being.

Later on that morning, there was a 11:00 am Worship Service at the Grace United Methodist Church located at 828 North Mai15 Street Meadville, PA 16335.  Masks, Social Distancing, and other CDC recommended practices were observed during these services.

On Thursday September 16th of 2021, Our weekly ministry entitled “Thursdays for Jesus”, will start at 5:30 pm, at the Grace United Methodist Church located at 828 North Main Street in Meadville PA 16335.  Join us for a share and prayer meal and a bible lesson. All COVID-19 safety measures will be observed.

Next Sunday September 19th of 2021, Due to a decrease of COVID cases, The Grace United Methodist Church has decided to renew the 8:15 am Worship Service, as well as the 9:30 am Adult Sunday School Class.

At 9:30 am, there will be a Worship Service at the Woodcock United Methodist Church located at 23048 Gravel Run Road in Saegertown PA 16433. Due to COVID-19, Adult Sunday School will be canceled for the time being.

Later on in the morning, the Grace United Methodist Church located at 828 North Main Street in Meadville, PA 16335 will have a second worship Service at 11:00 am. Due to COVID-19, Masks, Social Distancing, and other CDC recommended practices, will be observed.




We will be holding an early worship service at 8:15 again, starting this Sunday! We know there are some of you who prefer that time, and others who like to come early now and then when you have other plans for later in the morning. For this week, we have changed the plan for our location and will now meet in the parlor. We had thought it would be in the dining room, but the tables there are so laden with donated clothing and other items that the UMW ladies are considering having an extra “bag day” next Saturday, June 12. If so, that would mean leaving all the remaining clothing, etc., where it is for another week. We could have met downstairs with the long tables set up if they were empty, but it would be difficult with them still piled high.



The Dan Lamb class met in the rear of the sanctuary on Sunday and I know those who attended were glad to be back! They expect to be in the same place this Sunday, unless it is uncomfortably warm there, in which case they will meet in the Dan Lamb classroom, which has windows and ceiling fans, but where “social distancing” is less feasible. The decision will be made when we arrive Sunday morning and see what the conditions are – and we will post signage at the parking lot entrance door. The class meets at 9:30, following the early service.







We have an unusual prayer request for the folks at Grace. Toward the end of the heating season last spring, one of our three boilers wasn’t working, and when the plumber came, he discovered a second one that looked as though it might fail soon. The only “healthy” boiler is the one that underwent a major repair a couple years ago. That is the same kind of repair the one boiler might need soon, although the one that is currently not working at all needs only the routine maintenance kit to get it going again. The problem is that the parts have not yet come in, in spite of having been ordered several months ago. We would prefer not to enter the heating season without all three boilers in working order! Please, pray for our boilers! 



There will be a combined Finance and Administrative Board meeting held at the Grace United Methodist Church located at 828 North Main Street in Meadville, PA 16335. The meeting will be held in the “Dan Lamb” room at 6:30 pm. The purpose of this meeting, is to discuss the Financial and Administrative matters of the church.





September 4 (Saturday) – 8:30 a.m. – Fellowship Breakfast at Perkins 

September 9 (Thursday) – noon – UMW at Grace UMC with election of 2022 officers 

 September 12 (Sunday) – 11 a.m. – PRAISE in the PARK (Stainbrook Park, Pavilion #1) 

September 14 (Tuesday) – 6:30 p.m. – Finance Committee / Administrative Board 

October 1 & 2 (Friday & Saturday) – UMW FALL RUMMAGE SALE (tentative)  

October 17 (Sunday) – Grace UMC will host the E-M District UMW Fall Meeting 

November 6 (Saturday) – 3 p.m. – Charge Conference – location to be announced 



It is already time to purchase tickets for “United Methodist Night” at UPMC Park, which will be held Friday, September 17 and starts at 6:05. By purchasing game tickets (and the optional package) through the church, we will be seated in the same section. Please let me know if you are interested in going, by calling, texting or emailing. We will be able to work out car-pooling closer to the date of the game. 



If you would like The Upper Room mailed to you, please let Barbara in the church office know whether you want the regular size or the Large Print edition. 






If you attend the 11 a.m. service at Grace, you may have noticed that we have resumed our greeter ministry. We invite you to participate for a month at a time. If you would like to volunteer, but can’t make it every Sunday, please let us know.

In addition to a friendly “good morning” to everyone, duties include showing first-time visitors where the Sunday School classes meet, pointing out the restrooms, accompanying them to the sanctuary for worship and introducing them to the ushers.

Greeters will also lock the doors a few minutes after the worship service begins. Please let Joyce Duckworth know if you are willing to be a part of this important ministry.


Please sign the attendance pad, in the pews during both services, and include your mailing address and phone number, in case we do not have it. As winter approaches, we would like to make sure we have a working telephone chain in case we need to cancel services due to the weather. Announcement for cancellation of services due to the weather, will also be posted on the website as well as our Facebook Page.